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28”Transportation PIS Bar LCD Panel/ Display/Screen

  • Product Type VLT280-SBLD-FHD
  • Dimension 28”
  • Active Area 698.4*196.42mm
  • Resolution 1920*540
  • Contrast Ratio 4000:1
  • Brightness 500-1000 cd/m² (Typ.)
  • Interface Type LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit) , 51 pins Connector
  • MTTF >50,000 Hours
  • Application Bus, Metro, Retail (Shelf Head, Guide)


1. Provide the total solution with LCD cutting, BLU Design, LCM Assembly, Display Design and Assembly ,customized service is available;

2. System and Software Support (CMS, PIS);

3. LCD Custom-Sizing Patents License Certification (only one company in Mainland of China).

4. Passed the vehicle-carrying, EN45545, EN50155 and other related test.

Product Description

Bar LCD screen is a special shape LCD screen, usually with a long strip shape, suitable for some specific scenes and applications. The following is the product description of the bar LCD screen:

Special shape: Strip LCD screens usually have a long shape and can be designed into different lengths and widths according to actual needs to adapt to the installation needs of various special scenes.

High-definition display: The bar-shaped LCD screen adopts liquid crystal display technology, which can provide high-resolution and high-contrast image display to ensure that the content is clearly visible.

Multi-functional applications: Bar-shaped LCD screens can be used for information display, advertising playback, navigation instructions and other application scenarios, such as shopping mall navigation, public transportation information display, billboards, etc.

Flexible installation: Due to its special shape, the strip LCD screen can be installed horizontally or vertically as needed, adapting to the layout and space constraints of different places.

Remote control: Some bar-shaped LCD products support remote control and content updates, making it easier for managers to release and update information.

In general, the bar-shaped LCD screen is a display device suitable for special scenes. It has the characteristics of high-definition display, multi-functional application and flexible installation, and can meet the needs of some special places for information display and advertising playback.

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